Annual Summer Luncheon Series

Labragirl Media Project's Summer Media Literacy Luncheon Series for Teachers

  • Are you a teacher or administrator interested in helping students move from unconsciously consuming images to thinking critically about the media?
  • Are you a parent who wants new ideas about how to dialogue with your child/children about the media?
  • Do you want to engage in stimulating conversation with your peers?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, come to Labragirl Media Project's summer Media Literacy Luncheon Series for thought-provoking conversation and good food. Labragirl's 3-part summer media literacy luncheon series is a community forum to discuss issues and ideas associated with media literacy. Each facilitated luncheon will focus on a specific topic related to media literacy. Labragirl Media Project will send participants relevant, yet short, videos and articles to review before each luncheon.

All luncheons will take place in the community room at Root Down. Menu choices will vary at each luncheon. Root Down is located at 1600 West 33rd Ave, Denver, CO, 80211. You can learn more about Root Down here.

Friday, June 16th: 12:30-2pm—What is Media Literacy & Why Does It Matter?

In our first luncheon, we’ll kick off our discussion with a conversation about what exactly media literacy is and why it’s an essential skill for children and adults alike. After this luncheon, you will be able to identify the areas of media literacy that are important for you, your students, and/or your children.

Friday, July 7th: 12:30-2pm—How Do We Become Media Literate?

In our second luncheon, we’ll focus our conversation on how we can integrate media literacy into our classrooms, homes, and even our own individual lives.

Friday, August 4th: 12:30-2pm—Combating Cyberbullying

In the last luncheon of the series, we’ll focus on the role media plays in cyberbullying and workshop ideas about how to combat cyberbullying.

Let’s Talk Media Literacy

Seating is limited to 12 people. Sign up today before our table sells out. Bring a friend.

The total Luncheon Series price for ALL THREE sessions is $81.72. This includes luncheon, tax, and gratuity for all three sessions.

Learn more about the Labragirl Media Project here.